After graduating from USC’s Marshall School of Business in 2007, Taylor joined Morgan Adams Inc, focusing on investment, acquisition, and management of multi-family real estate and mid-cap companies. Taylor earned a Masters in Real Estate Development before transitioning his career to technology venture, training as a software engineer and technical product manager. Taylor has co-founded and advised numerous startups and served as a Partner at a startup incubator.

Taylor is the Chairman and Founding Partner of Noname Ventures, investing in early stage technology companies that have value based business models and are focused on solving unique problems within established and easily accessible markets. Noname Ventures emphasizes demonstrated product/market fit and the potential for near-term profitability while retaining large long-term market opportunities. They also run Immersive Mentorship, a program designed to help early stage ventures take a product-first approach to developing their ideas, achieving product market fit, evaluating their performance, and building great organizations.

In his spare time, Taylor teaches entrepreneurship at Harvard-Westlake School and sits on the board of directors at Homeboy Industries. Taylor is passionate about human psychology and personal development, striving to help people build abundant and meaningful lives.

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