Acceleration for Second-Stage Startups

Acceleration for Second-Stage Startups

So, you have been bootstrapping, your beta has been launched, and you are now revenue positive.

What is next? Accelerate your business.

startup acceleration programA second-stage acceleration program might be what you have been looking for. 

This custom acceleration program will allow you to focus on the specifics, such as fundraising or accelerating your product growth; while remaining focused on your business. The program is tailored to your needs, and you do not need to sit in a classroom next to other entrepreneurs who might not necessarily share the same problems. This hybrid approach to startup acceleration matches the hands-on consulting know-how with the value-add of experienced business mentors. For a few months, a temporary co-founder will be alongside you providing support on pre-determined business areas.

At this stage of growth, you may want external support while still managing the day-to-day running of your company. During the fundraising program, for example, we will work together to develop an impactful pitch deck, get your pitch ready, map potential investors and share with you fundraising best practices. Since the fundraising program touches on all aspects of your business, this will allow you to get an outside look into your startup as we are collaborating with you on the development of your deck.

If you are a second stage startup looking to develop a custom business growth plan, build a personalized product launch strategy or participate in startup accelerator programs, contact MarketFit. MarketFit, the acceleration platform for grown-ups!


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