Our programs are hands-on and offer the necessary tools to launch and/or scale your startup.

Fully customizable depending on your support needs, they provide the flexibility to accelerate
your growth while you continue to manage your business.

our programs

Go-to-Market and Growth

Tailor-made, one-on-one mentoring program to help your startup take the next step.

● Business strategy road-mapping, including product and market fit
● Team organization & structure
● Establish sales vehicles and other opportunities
● Identify potential service providers and strategic partnerships

Fundraising Strategy

Customized comprehensive sessions to teach you fundraising essentials and map potential investors.

● When and How much you should raise, fundraising options, how to apply for funding, defining the terms of the raise
● Map potential investors and learn to pitch to investment individuals
● Create a Board of Directors and Advisory Board
● What to expect from a due diligence process
● Pitch deck and pitch practice

Soft Landing

Support your business expansion into the US, helping you to enter the local business ecosystem quickly and effectively.

● Setting up operations
● Team Structuring, Compensation, Hiring Strategy
● Financials Feasibility Analysis and Budget
● Market Analysis
● Go-to-market strategy
● Fundraising strategy in the US

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